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BLDC Brushless motor

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BM1001: Dual 3-Ph BLDC motor controller, 10~ 40V in General Description

The BM1001 device is a three-phase brushless DC motor driver with an integrated Allegro A4915 andpower MOSFETs, which can provide continuous drive current up to 10 A. It is designed as an integrated environment for motor control applications in the range of 10 V - 40 V DC bus voltage and nominal power up to 400 W for each motor drive.The high power characteristic of the BM1001 is able to deliver a high motor speed up to 3000 rpm or above, and large torque at low motor speed. The design exploits the computational power of the ARM M051 microcontroller with 64 KB Flash. The device is specially designed for low-noise and low-external-count applications.

The interface to the BM1001 device is designed to be simple and flexible. The brushless DC motor is controlled using the PWM method to regulate the amount of voltage across the motor terminalsthrough high-speed I2C 、 UARTorindustry controller interfacefor real-time data exchange. Power dissipation can therefore be reduced, giving the motor a linear type of control which results in better speed stability.Brushless DC motor speed feedback provided by the hall sensor is available also through high-speed I2C、UARTorindustry controller interface.The BM1001 device is equipped with non-dissipative overcurrent detection and protection, undervoltage lockout, voltage surge protection, dead time protection, and thermal measuring and overheating protection.

The BM1001 device features the default setting and the user setting to adjust the PID parameter to get a stable response to maintain the brushless DC motor speed. A direction signal is fed to the device to change the motor direction even at high running speed. Those characteristics facilitate the stable movement in the horizontal/vertical direction and in the backward/forward mode, which is necessary in the industry and household appliance application. Multiple interface options are available for the data extraction: GPIO,voltage controller, Arduino, BLE,I2C, and UART. The device is easy to be wired, controlled, and installed.


  • Small Electric Vehicles, Electric Bikes
  • Telepresence Systems
  • Automatic Guided Vehicles
  • Industry: Conveyor, turbine, and garage door, etc.
  • Household appliances: food blenders and juice mixer, etc.
  • Chemical and biomedical dispenser equipment


Manufacturer Plus Luck Workshop
Category BLDCControl
Board Part Number BM1001
Board Supplier Plus Luck Workshop
Board Normally In Stock
Voltage In 10 ~ 40 V
Number of Motors and Type 1, 3-Ph BLDC Motors
Power / Current Out 400 W / 10 A max.
Direction Forward/Reverse
Control Loop Industry Control: 1 ms
Arduino, BLE, I2C, and UART: 20 ms
Features ARM M0 Controlled
Memory Available On-Board
Over Current Protection
Thermal Protection
Under Voltage Protection
Regenerative Braking
Industry controller interface, Arduino, BLE,I2C, and UART Interface
Version Non-enclosed Controllers
Enclosed Controllers
Cooling Non-enclosed: Back Mounted Fins
Enclosed: Conduction Plate
Application / Target Market BLDC Motor Control / Small Electric Vehicles, Telepresence Systems, Automatic Guided Vehicles,Industry Control, Household Appliances, and Chemical/Biomedical Equipment
Dimensions mm x mm x mm
Weight g

Microcomputer Firmware
Control Software
Mechanical EnclosureDesign

Design Author Plus Luck Workshop